The DHI Advantage

Many of our customers have their own in-house deburring capabilities, but chose to outsource various products to gain the DHI Advantage. At DHI, the only thing we do is mechanical finishing. That is the DHI Advantage - bringing total commitment and focus to the process, using the finest tooling, abrasive products, and skilled operators, to exceed our customer's expectations.

Control Costs

Work loads in the finishing areas can vary greatly depending on schedules and production capabilities, meaning sometimes personel from other departments may need to be brought in help temporarily. Taking a skilled techician or machinist from other production areas to temporarily fill in at the burr department can be very counter productive. The operator may be very competant in his primary role, but may not have the skills necessary to efficiently deburr parts. This can result in rework, longer production times, and even scrap parts, all of which can drive up costs on your projects. The solution is to use a reputable supplier than can provide deburring services at a fixed cost, and within your scheduling needs.


The end result of mechanical finishing and deburring operations can vary greatly depending on the skill level of operators, the approach and techniques used, and the quality of tools and consumables. Many manufacturing concerns, do not have a mechanical finishing expert to train employees in this discipline, nor do they wish to entrust these critical operations on expensive, finish machined parts to just any job applicant that claims to have these skills. At DHI, every job that comes in is evaluated, and then processed by company trained, skilled operators that specialize in that particular product or discipline. Depending in the complexity and routing required, your parts may be worked on by several specialists in different disciplines such as hand benching, buffing, abrasive jet deburring, grit blasting, and so on. Then in each discipline, there are specialists for different product families such as major turbine engine parts, medical instruments or implants, etc... At DHI, all these resources are available to provide quality product/service that meets and exceeds the customer expectation.

Eliminate Bottle Necks

"Just In Time" scheduling, late material receipts, machine break downs, employee vacations, and other unforeseen events can throw a monkey wrench into the best laid plans. You have parts coming off the lathes, milling, coming back from outside grinding operations, and it all hits the burr department at the same time. The customers call daily to get status reports on parts they so desperately need. The solution? Off-load the excess work to DHI and keep your customers and owners happy with on-time deliver.

Special Processes

DHI provides specially controled processes, approved by the end users of major turbine engine manufacturers. We can provide tech plans and seek process approvals for these parts. Contact DHI to see if we already have an approval for your part.

Our Experience Saves You Money

Why try to reinvent the wheel? Another value added in using DHI, is the many years of experience our production team has in this industry. It is more likely than not, that we have seen your particular deburring challenge before or at least worked a very similar problem, and have already come up with the best solution. Consult with DHI before manufacturing your parts. We may be able to help with recommendations with regard to machining processes and sequences to minimize burrs, or improve finishes and your total deburring costs. There is never any cost for this service, and it just part of the DHI Advantage!

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